This is the prettiest Obsidian theme I've ever seen. I want to use it but could I get a virus from it? Doesn't look like it's super well-known

This is the prettiest Obsidian theme I’ve ever seen. I want to use it but could I get a virus from it? Doesn’t look like it’s super well-known…

This is what it looks like:

This is the link to the theme: GitHub - mulfok/obsidian-viridian: A theme designed to make your time in Obsidian joyful and focused.

When I took a look at the .css source code I saw that the developer used some kind of cryptography on the code to mask some parts of it (it’s not really readable):

Can it execute something malicious on the back-end? That’s my concern. Would anyone have any input on this matter???


This looks like an embedded font file, it’s encoded binary in ascii but not cryptography. The encoding is a way of putting binary data into a text type of file.

Here is the font that it looks to be Google Fonts: Lora (after looking at the file in his git hub there are actually a few fonts embedded)

It would be very hard for just CSS to inject malware/virus without some other executable code such as java.

The author of the theme has a website that looks legit and his twitter account goers back to at least 2020 before I stopped scrolling.

Overall I would say it is probably safe. But I didn’t try it so I can’t say for sure.

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Obsidian themes are single .css files. If theme creator wants to use custom fonts, backgrounds, icons etc, they can’t put those assets into a local folder and link from there. They can either link them from the web or include a base-64 encoded textual representation of those assets into the .css file itself. Since relying on internet connection is not always the best idea, you will find that a lot of authors of very popular themes have those “crypto”-looking sections in their code. It’s not something to worry about.


Hey thank you guys for helping me out here. I’ve decided to use the theme. It’s quite good so far. Everything seems to be working fine.

Hope no hiccups down the road but so far so good!


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