This is a query statement view mode question~

I made a metadata note with the title “Title2” on the left
When I change to the view mode, the title doesn’t say “Title2” and the date is in the template format
What did I do wrong?


created: 2023-06-29 19:26
tag: book
title: this is a test note
created: <% tp.file.creation_date() %>
tag: book
title: <% tp.file.title %>

Did you paste the YAML header into the file?

You need to insert templates.

  1. Create the template and save it in the Templater folder
  2. In the note where you want to use the template, press CMD P (CTRL P on Windows, I think)
  3. Select Templater: Open Insert Tempalte modal
  4. Select the template created in step (1) and insert it into the note

Or you did do that but it didn’t work?


I don’t know what the yaml header is
If I enter it in the command panel of the community plug-in template, the date and title will apply normally applied
Strangely enough, if I select the Insert Template button on the sidebar, it will still print out in the format I uploaded
Is this also related to the yaml header?

A useful starting point, I hope:

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