This is a BIT addictive!

I’ve looked at Obsidian a few times over the years but dismissed it pretty quickly because I wasn’t seriously looking for anything new at the time, and also because it was not immediately apparent how powerful it is. It also always seemed like a huge deal was being made out of the graph view which wasn’t and isn’t that a big a deal to me.

Anyhow this time I dug a little deepper and as the title says, it’s a little addictive! It’s really cool digging into all it can do - and there are so FEW products for power users any more, so it’s really great to see something like this not only being developed but with an active user base.

Anyhow, that is my musing for the day :slight_smile: .


Some non-native English speakers (or ESL) can find this word amusing:

rabbit hole
a situation in which you become so interested in a subject or an activity that you cannot stop trying to find out about it or doing it

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