This inline/horizontal checkbox snippet needs editing

What I’m trying to do

I need 10 checkboxes in a row, and to be clickable in both reading or editing mode.
It helps me to make scales from 1 to 10 in other apps like Evernote.

Things I have tried

I found exactly what i’ve been looking for here

And i want this

Both on my windows 10, and android

But then i use latest snippet from the topic, i weirdly get this:


The snippet itself

/* ---------- Markdown Version ---------- */

.task-list-item {
    display: inline-flex !important;

.task-list-item-checkbox:not([data-line="0"]) {
    margin-left: calc(var(--list-indent)/3.75) !important;

This CSS is only going to work when switching to reading view.

Editing Live Preview mode:

Reading mode:

Thanks for reply, so there is no way to create horizontal checkbox in editing mode?

I’m far from a CSS magician, so I can’t say there’s “no way”, but I don’t think so.

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