"This branch has conflicts that must be resolved " ->`community-plugins.json


I had no conflicts or issues when I submitted my plugin. It also passed the build tests at that time. Now, some hours later it is complaining about some conflicts in community-plugins.json Is it possible that someone else’s submission is causing this issue? I already dumped my first submission and started over thinking that it was my fault in the first place because I had the same issue show up later in my patch. Now I am thinking it must be something else or caused by another patch.

### This branch has conflicts that must be resolved

Only those with [write access](https://docs.github.com/articles/what-are-the-different-access-permissions) to this repository can merge pull requests.

#### Conflicting files


Just ignore it, we will take care of it once the plugin is ready to be merged.

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Thank you for your help.