Things missing in Minimal Theme

Things I have tried

I switched from the Default Theme to Minimal Theme.
While I absolutely love the Minimal Theme (there is no way going back), I miss several features I can’t reproduce.
One would be the automatic replacement of arrows:

The other is that little clickable link-icon in the top right corner of any popup-note, with which I could open the referenced note directly.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to find a way to bring these two features into Minimal.

BTW: is this the right forum to post a question like this?

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apparently (your question makes me discover this) that the automatic arrow replacement is font-type specific :thinking:. see below, i test on few fonts and did a quick search. couldn’t find another font like this. makes me appreciate Inter font much more.

edit: sorry, forgot to include suggestion.

  • you can use Smart Typography (obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-smart-typography) plugin to get back the automatic arrow
  • this is the right forum for you to post such question. if u want quicker response, do consider join the discord (Obsidian Members Group (OMG)).
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Thank you for the valuabele tip!
I installed the plugin and I set the default font in Minimal to Inter. Does the job!

If I now could figure out how to get back the link-icon in the popups, I’d be really happy! :grinning:

Regarding the link icon in embeds…

  1. Check to see if you’re hiding the title. Is this enabled?
    If not, the link icon should show when you hover the title.

  2. If you’re hiding the title (the above is enabled), or want to see the icon regardless of hover state, then add this snippet:
    .file-embed-link svg, .markdown-embed-link svg {opacity: 1.0;}

Hope that helps!

edit - I was looking at embeds, not note previews. I’ll see if I can find those next. Sorry about that!

@StefanS - for the popup link - this also appears to show when you hover the top right corner of the popup, but I’ll agree that it’s small.

Adding the following snippet will recover the icon:

.popover .markdown-embed-link{display:block;}
.file-embed-link svg,.markdown-embed-link svg{opacity:1.0}

Use this instead if you also want to tweak size and placement of the icon:

.popover .markdown-embed-link{display:block;}
.file-embed-link svg,.markdown-embed-link svg{width:24px;height:24px;opacity:1.0;}
  • line 2 width and height will change the size (they should match!)
  • line 3 top and right will move the icon - larger numbers mean farther from the upper right corner.

That should answer the other question you had. Hope that helps, and good luck!

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With the snippet now it’s visible again.

You made my day, thank you! :pray:

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By the way, to anyone who comes across this thread. The term when a font combines characters into one is called ligatures. So searching that term, you can find other fonts that support that.


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