Things I want to keep track of in Obsidian

At the start of the new year (and after using Obsidian for about 6 months) I’ve started to think a bit more carefully how I want to use Obsidian this year.

Here’s the first 3 areas on my list - I’m happy to share the others if that’s helpful too. I need to get clear on things such as:

  • how I’ll use tags,
  • what things will be notes,
  • what I will record in a new note vs what I will add to my daily note
  • how I will track progress and outputs

Interested to hear if others are doing something similar/what decisions you’ve made for how you’ll approach Obsidian in the year ahead.


Hi Stevek, very nice to see. I am getting started with Obsidian, and I find very interesting what people manage to do. Thank you for sharing, it is inspiring.


hi, maybe the Heatmap Calendar Plugin could help you visualize the progress you are making.

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thanks for the awesome information.

Hi, is it a plugin?