There's nothing on describing block IDs and references

I spent some time googling this and looking through for how block IDs and references and work and didn’t find answers, except on this forum post. So from what I see, when created a link or embed, you write out the page name following a ^ character and select a block. a Block ID would then be generated where you wrote the embed and the paragraph being indented.

Who exactly manages the help website? Could forum mods edit or create pages there?

Like this?

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When I write “Block ID” or “Block Identifier” in the search bar, it doesn’t show up. I looked back at the google searches I did and the page did not show up in any of them. Do you think there is way to make it so that if I google “Obsidian Block ID” or “Obsidian Block Reference” that the page can search up? Could some sort of SEO be done?

Block IDs are procedurally generated somehow, because if you use the same text it will generate the same IDs each time. However I haven’t been able to identify in the code what is the actual function, so I don’t know of a way to know what an ID will be before it is generated.

The search bar on the help website is very limited, as you have seen.

Doing a site-specific search through Google yields better results:

block id site:

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This custom search engine might also help:


Yikes, that’s a real peach. :star2:

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