There should be an autocomplete for standard markdown links

There should be an autocomplete for standard markdown links.

Personally, I use the WikiLinks to construct most of my links and then have “Use [[WikiLinks]]” disabled so that after hitting enter it will be converted to a standard markdown link. I do this for future proofing my notes as WikiLinks isn’t a standard markdown format & would affect my notes If I decided in the future to access my notes via another application.

Use case or problem

The problem is that if I already have a link in standard markdown format and then say I want to link a specific heading from that page instead of the whole page it can’t be manually added afterwards without a lot of effort.

Say I already have the link:

But then later I decide I want to link a heading

I’d have to manually type that text out (or remove the link entirely and relink via wikilinks).

Proposed solution

It should just function the same as how it does via wikilinks. As the user is typing it should be suggesting links that match what the user has typed.

As the user is typing inside the parentheses it should be providing autocomplete choices.

Current workaround (optional)

Only current workaround at the moment it removing the whole link and then retyping it via wikilinks for it to be converted afterwards.


I wonder why this is still not implemented. A lot of people made the same suggestion since years on this forum.

Are there any arguments against?