Themes with no side-ribbons, I feel like im missing something

Some themes, like, say, Dracula, doesn’t have the left-side ribbons. And I was wondering, how does this work?

How do you open other vaults and get to settings? feel like I’m missing something here, is there some hotkey or something I can press to make the ribbon visible?

I’m not sure about Dracula, but some themes simply hide these unless they’re being hovered over.

You also might be able to customize the theme CSS to change this hiding behaviour.

Indeed, you can disable that in the CSS. The Dracula code actually tells you where it is and you can just comment out the whole section on autohiding the side ribbon.


Hey there, thanks for you reply.

I’m wondering if there have recently been some regression in this space? The hovering doesn’t seem to work in my case.

Its not really terribly dramatic, but, just sayin’ :smiley:

See @apoc527’s comment re: Dracula. It might not have hovering—but you can edit the CSS to make it visible!