Themes Directory Doesn't Work After Desktop 1.0 Release

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open - Appearance
  2. Themes - Manage
  3. Setup New Theme

Expected result

Theme immediately applied to Obsidian

Actual result

Theme is not in themes list and not applied .


  • Operating system: MacOS Ventura
  • Debug info:

Additional information

Relaunch of the app make theme applied

works for me

Please resubmit this bug report and make sure that: 1) you follow the bug report template, 2) you use the default theme (no css) and 3) there are no third-party plugins enabled (You can use the sandbox vault for 2 and 3).


Ventura hasn’t been released so I doubt Obsidian has been tested with it. On Monterey I switched themes immediately with the updated Minimal without any problems.

same happend here