Themes & CSS Snippets won't sync on iCloud & iOS while all other files (notes, images, etc.) do sync


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: 1.4.1 (83)
API v1.0.3

I have a theme and a CSS snippet on top of that in my Obsidian vault on iOS stored in iCloud. When I edit both iCloud CSS files on my Mac and save changes, they won’t sync onto my iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). When I add images and make or edit notes on any of my devices, they quickly sync to the other ones.

I tried this: turning off the CSS snippet and theme, switching to another vault also on iCloud with no themes or snippets enabled, quit the app, re-open the app, don’t skip icloud syncing, switch back to my vault, again don’t skip icloud syncing, re-enable both the theme and snippet.

Probably you are, but can you check if you are using the same configuration folder on all devices?

Settings > About > “Override config folder” should read .obsidian for everything.

I turns out it was an general iCloud syncing issue. I fixed it by turning off iCloud on both iOS devices, restarting them, turning them back on and waiting for all the files to sync.

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