Themed logs

I’m trying to use “themed logs” instead of daily notes. Themed logs are a concept introduced by @Eleanor Konik where basically we have, instead of one daily note where we dump everything, a log for each specific area of our life. So I might have a Health log, a Gratitude log etc. with a timestamp. (e.g. if I have to go the doctor, having a Health log where I only write my symptoms is much more practical than having the same info scattered among multiple daily notes) There’s only a problem with this approach: these logs get bigger and bigger. One of them is 1 MB in size. Thus my question: does Obsidian have any known problems with dealing with very large files? for example I noticed that when I write on one of these megafiles, the Android app crashes several times, but it doesn’t crash with smaller files.

You can split themed logs by time period (like “Health 2022” or “Health 2022-W47” or “Health 2022-10”).

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