Theme with contrasting `inline code` like Visual Studio Code?

I like it when inline-code stands out from the text. (Much like I’m used to with VSC.) Is there a theme or plugin that achieves this easily? I definitely don’t want to play around with custom-css.

If you try some community themes yourself, you will find a bunch of themes that highlight inline codes. (ITS for example)
Some of them even allow you to customize the color through Style Settings plugin.

Also, I found a nice-looking plugin:

I understand. For those who are interested in CSS,

:not(pre) > code,
.cm-inline-code {
    color : var(--code-string) !important;

To change the color:

  • Replace --code-string with your choice of variable name from this list
  • Or replace the whole var(--code-string) with the color you like, for example,
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GitHub - Dimava/inline-code-highlight

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Thanks for the very comprehensive answer. ITS is a good place to start and the Style Settings plugin makes it endlessly customisable. :infinity:

And although your custom-css solution looks remarkably simple, css itself feels like dark magick to me and i don’t want to open that book. :mage:

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