Theme turns itself off after a few minutes

Hello, I have no plugins installed, except the gruvbox theme. I’ve tested with a few other themes and the same thing still happens.
After a few minutes the theme turns itself off and the editor theme is black/white/grey. This has been going on even if I reinstall.

I couldn’t find a similar error inside this forum so I’m posting it here.
I am using a standard macbook pro with ventura. I haven’t tested my other computer yet (linux ubuntu). Is there some setting I need to know of to make it work with my mac?

I’d like to add that I’m using vim-keybinds if that has anything to do with it?

This has never happened to me, and I’m using Anuppuccin theme. You should check if any hotkey can potentially cause this to happen.

The only theme-related issue is that I have is that I use Obsidian sync for my windows, mac, iphone and ipad. If I switch from light to dark mode, then my iphone is still in light mode, even though in the appearance settings, it says dark mode.

Are you syncing your vault in some way? Could be a sync conflict.

This happens to me too. Is your obsidian backed up to icloud? I haven’t figured out a permanent fix, but I have noticed that it happens to me when I have dodgy internet connection. If you reveal the theme in your laptop’s finder, and you download the theme from icloud back onto your mac, the theme should switch back on.

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