Theme: Traffic Lights (Light/Dark)

I like this modified theme very much. Do you mind sharing the css ?

Could you maintain the theme please? I really love this theme…

:point_up:︎ The action button color (the orange one) is not properly placed
:point_up:︎ The search box is missing
:point_up:︎ The result text is not properly placed with indentation and number of result

☟︎ There are purple accent as in original Obsidian theme

(This is when dragging a pane)

(This is when hovering unlink button)

(This is when hovering a node in graph view)

(This is when hovering button in settings)


☟︎ tag pane text and number of result is not properly arranged

@jokysatria: that is why I stopped using others’ themes, one is too dependent on the goodwill of someone else. And when there is an issue some owners help, others don’t. These comments are not directed specifically at the TL owner, I have no experience with his maintenance or help. This is just my experience after trying a lot of themes.

I have collected and combined a number of code snippets that I can handle and that do things I want and they don’t get affected by Obs modifications. There is 1 exception in my collection: Andy Mode. I can’t live without it, and death_au maintains it and is always helpful.

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Thanks for the inspiration!
I’ll try to maintain my own theme. I hope I can borrow some code in TL (especially the pane, it looks great), but I’m newbie in CSS…

@jokysatria: yes, everybody borrows from everybody :grinning:

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The developers have been clear that developments during the beta can easily break the CSS.
And add extra stuff that may need tweaking.
So I’m accepting most things until everythingis more stable. I’ll switch themes if something necessary doesn’t work.

It would be useful for community themes to show the last time a theme was updated (date and/or version).

I don’t expect theme developers to keep on top of changes, though a few appear to, judging by forum posts.


This was somehow fixed in 0.9.7. It was a nice surprise since this is my favorite theme :grinning:

Love the theme. Is there a way I can modify the color of the lines connecting nodes in the graph? I’ve scrubbed the CSS and can’t find it.