Theme Switching

Ability to switch between themes using a hotkey -right now I can switch between theme files saved locally

You mean the community themes? The two modes can be switched with command palette and shortcuts already.

I’m obviously not the OP, but I found this thread because I am wondering if there is a way to switch themes using a hotkey – from, for example, Cybertron to Default. I don’t see a command in the palette that would enable that.

And maybe this is a feature request, but I really wish I could set a theme using a Workspace. The use-case is that when I go into a focus mode, I want a plain-jane theme. When I switch back to “normal” mode, I like my bells-and-whistles theme.

Agreed. a hotkey to toggle between certain themes you’ve selected. The reason this is useful for me is for different tasks. For example if writing without distractions, I want to use a theme with no bar on the side and stuff. Just a blank page like some of them are. and then switch to a more working mode.

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