Theme Stops Working Mid-Session

I only found one other discussion on this, but the bug was graveyarded.

Occasionally, I’ll switch my focus window back to Obsidian and notice the theme has effectively “crashed”. The only thing that will fix it is restarting the app.

Things I have tried

  • I’ve updated the app and all the themes.
  • I’ll switch to another theme (which will display properly) and then back to the previously “crashed” theme, but this doesn’t work either (it’ll looks like no theme was applied).
  • Restart the app (this works).

The more information the better here: what theme are we talking about?

Good point, I’ve seen this primarily with Obsidian Nord in dark mode.

I haven’t yet tested other themes to see if there is a similar issue.

I downloaded and used Obsidian Nord (Dark mode) for ~20 minutes switching between different apps and generally puttering around. Everything seemed fine.

Can you think of anything that triggers it (other than not using Obsidian for a while)? I’d check the theme’s GitHub page as well to see if there are any issues there. Good luck!

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This sounds like it could potentially be a syncing issue too. Are you using a sync/cloud tool? (Obsidian Sync, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Syncthing, etc. etc.)

Depending on how you’re syncing, you might be encountering conflicted workspace/settings files, that are switching back to the settings of another computer.


Thanks, you’re right I have my vault on Dropbox.

Any thoughts on how I could fix or better debug this issue?

Edit: Just noticed my .obsidian folder (containing the themes) is also in the Dropbox too. Presumably I can move this to local storage and point Obsidian at the correct local path?

Edit 2: So apparently there’s a separate .obsidian folder that’s created for every Vault, so I cannot move this Vault’s .obsidian folder to local storage.

I noticed (in macOS finder) that next to .obsidian/themes/Obsidian Nord, there was a cloud symbol like this:


Upon clicking this symbol, the theme was restored.

Too late to edit, so here’s some more information.

According to Dropbox, this symbol means the file is available online-only.

I’m going to try clicking “Make available offline” to see if this prevents the issue from happening again.

@Jordan33J Hopefully this helps fix your issue or can at least guide you in the right direction :slight_smile:

You’ll want to make your entire vault folder available offline as well, otherwise notes might end up vanishing as well.


Thank you for bringing attention to my issue with your post. I’ll tinker with my vault and see if this resolves my problem. Cheers @mimmy.

Good call, just did that as well. Thanks!

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