Theme: Reverie (Dark/Light)

HI @santi ,
I am a newbie using Obsidian . Your channel and contribution are amazing and has helped to get started with Obsidian. I was trying to add your theme and looks like the css is pointing to a different theme Wasp and not Reverie .

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Hey @jethin.abraham I appreciate your kind words, that’s strange let me take a look into the code to see if I did something wrong, I’ll get back to you here to see what’s up.
Thanks for letting me know!

Solved! thanks @jethin.abraham feel free to try it now, it should work without any issues! It was definitely a mistake I made when I updated my other theme Wasp

Thanks again for pointing it out!

Hey , I have an issue with this theme :

To be more precise, i took 2 picture :the first is your photo in github : it looks like the title have different size ANDdifferent colours( which is really cool) between Heading 1and Heading 2. But in my photo of my note( yes i’m french XD), you can see my title have the same size, which i found it strange to compare with your photo. I love the fact that you use different colours
Sorry for my english guys.


Got you, yeah it’s not an error in your Obsidian. What happened is that I ended up changing every heading to have the same size. This was a stylistic choice.

The github photo is outdated, I need to take a new one, since now the style of the theme has slightly changed.

It’s hard to make different versions of the theme.

If you feel comfortable learning CSS to manipulate the Theme to change heading size, feel free to do that.

It might be easier through CSS snippets. Let me know if you are familiar with these, if not feel free to reach out to if you need help with these stuff!