Theme: Obsdn-Dark-Rmx (now with Light & Dark) - updated 2020-09-11

Thanks for the feedbacks! Glad you like the theme. I’ve updated the css on Github with your suggestions :

  • removed the styling for internal links
  • added the accented color for selected suggestion-item, good catch ! :slight_smile:

Regarding the checkboxes, I don’t really know what’s going on, mine look like this:

Maybe you have another styling for checkboxes ?

Don’t hesitate to fork the repo and make your own improvements, I may not pursue work on this for a while asI’m considering switching back to using tiddlywiki, with Shiraz + Streams plugins, it’s giving me almost everything I need for my workflow.
After taking a look at the discord, it seems that your use case and mine share some similarities, I also rely on the “story river” concept inherited from TW. I like to have a visual history line to refer to.

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Many thanks for getting back to me.

I am surprised by our different text boxes because I took your css and did not change anything to it. Anyway, it’s no big deal.

I have made other changes, that is to say, I added some components from others, like e.g. Hulk. But again, nothing about check boxes.

I do have 1 other remark:

I downloaded your amended file and added the Andy mode to it, like I always do. Unfortunately, it does not work. I retried with again but to no avail. I then copied the raw code from the Github side, still no effect. Did you change anything that could affect Andy Mode?

I compared your latest code with the 1st version that worked, and noticed you deleted

a.internal-link {
	font-size : 15px; /* PB changed it from 14px */
	background-position: center right;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-image: url("/public/images/fdc86034ba18de3558c8fa414a58f9e8.svg");
    background-size: 13px;
    padding-right: 16px;
    background-position-y: 4px;

I deleted it on my copy that works well with the Any Mode, and found that Andy Mode still works and internal links no longer have that little arrow !!
So I am happy about that. Just thought I’d let you know.

I understand your thinking about TW. I used it for a few months, then decided the required HTML/JS/css knowledge is too much. Just after deciding to quit I found Obsidian, which for me fulfils things I liked about TW.

Another thing I was uncomfortable with was the 1 single HTML file - I prefer to have direct access to my individual notes.

Anyway, sorry to hear you’re leaving Obs. I like your theme. 1 day I’ll probably have to part with it when the development stage moves away from it, like we had with the 0.6.7 to 0.7 move.

I fixed the file, you can redownload it from Github, there was a missing bracket… the auto-close brackets option wasn’t active on the laptop :frowning:

Now it works with the Andy mode (it’s great btw, it actually creates a mini TW story river, thanks for getting me to finally install it).

I understand your thinking about TW. I used it for a few months, then decided the required HTML/JS/css knowledge is too much. Just after deciding to quit I found Obsidian, which for me fulfils things I liked about TW.

I really need dynalist-style outlining and more styling features than what obsidian currently offers. Also, TW has multi-levels inline transclusions which I find very handy, so for the time being, I’m sticking with TiddlyWiki.

Another thing I was uncomfortable with was the 1 single HTML file - I prefer to have direct access to my individual notes

You can also get individual notes in plain text with the nodeJS TW version, if you want more details regarding my TW setup you can PM me, I don’t want to derail the obsdian forums :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry to hear you’re leaving Obs. I like your theme. 1 day I’ll probably have to part with it when the development stage moves away from it, like we had with the 0.6.7 to 0.7 move.

I’m not leaving Obsidian, I’m just not using it as my primary pkm/2nd brain for now, so I will probably spend more time customizing TW than Obsdn.
I will try to update the theme once it breaks, I’m still curious to know how Obsidian will evolve (hopefully it will become my main pkm in the future).
If you use the them and fix errors or add more features to it, please post hem here or via github.

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Hello! The transclusions work well for embeds pointing to a note, but the note title does not appear if I point the embed to a header

  1. Create 2 notes A and B. B should have a header of any size Header
  2. In note A write: ![[B#Header]]
  3. Switch to Preview mode.

Expected result

<contents of page>

Actual Result

[empty space]
<contents of page>

Using Windows with Obsidian v0.7.3

Yes, transclusions work well on a Mac too. But what does not work is 2nd level transclusions and beyond.

So, if note A is transcluded in note B, then a transclusion of note B into note C will not also show note A’s text, it will only show note B.

I put in a feature request for multi-level, but there is not much interest, so I guess it won’t be implemented.

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Hi s-kyy,

thanks for trying out the theme !

I may be wrong (if you know a theme where it works, I may steal the code), but I think it’s a “feature” of Obsidian, the styling of my theme just emphasizes this behavior :

. if the transclusion is a full doc, then it displays the name of the file as a header
. if the transclusion refers to a section/heading only, then it displays the section name as the header

In both cases, you can access the original link by clicking on the small link icon. (in my theme you get the benefit of having a full link for the title when it’s a doc + icon link on the side).

In the image below, I’ve used the default obsidian theme where I’ve transcluded the same doc named ‘Transclusion tester’, the first time as ![[Transclusion tester]], then as ![[Transclusion tester#1990's]]. it’s also ‘missing’ the name of the original file, it only shows the section heading, but since the styling is identical in both cases, it’s not so jarring (even though, I think it could be handled better from the start) :

For my workflow, the current Obsidian behavior was actually not optimal, as I needed to see the transclusions as seamless chapters or inline text blocks (but with subtle hints at their instantiated nature) :

I mostly use a small ahk script to create snippets of texts (crude block referencing) by copy/pasting from longer docs, and create meta-docs made of transclusions, that look like small chapters with their own headings (so I basically never use ![[transclusion#sections]], only transclusions from smaller files).

In order to make the styling work for this specific use, I may have introduced some side-effects and errors, which I may try to fix them unless they are out of the scope of my personnal workflow but I won’t be able to fix everything (sorry :frowning: ), but you are very welcome to strip the theme apart and improve or rebuilt it.

That being said, I think the behavior you describe could be a legit request to the obsidian devs to include a textual link in all transclusions cases. It would require some thinking about styling and disambiguation though.

anyway, sorry for the wall of text and thanks again for trying out the theme. cheers.


I think that is not quite true. Transclusions always show the note header, unless that is suppressed with something like

/* Hide the title of the embeds */
.markdown-embed-title {
  display: none;

I personally am very happy that when I transclude a header block, the note title is not shown. I looked through your css but could not discover how you did it - I have no css experience, je suis un null en css.


well, sorry if I was wrong, I must say I’m lost here… I’ve tried to delete my css and do a test with the base obsidian theme, but still I can’t see the expected result where ![[B#Header]] outputs

<contents of page>

I only get

<contents of page>

as seen in the screenshot above.
Can you please upload a pic so I can see how it should look ?

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That’s true, my bad. I tried playing around with it to accommodate the ![[note#header]] style of embedding, but once I embed with this ![[note]] it breaks the look (too much spacing).

Thanks for looking into it, though!

This is, oddly enough, something I’ve wanted for my vault hahaha.

I use the same titles for both file and in editor so it works for my usage.

For the sake of understanding why its like this I’m curious as well as to how code leads to the missing file title in the transclusions.

Do you mean that usually, you always get the file title in transclusions in obsidian, even when you only transclude a section/heading ?

Maybe my obsidian is broken, but that’s not how mines behave : I get different results depending on what is being transcluded (full document=title is the filename, heading/block=I don’t see the file title, only the heading).

Afaik, I didn’t tweak the underlying behavior, I just modified its look : with the default theme, a transclusion’s file name and heading look more similar, whereas in my theme, they look more different : file name is smaller and a heading is … a heading.

actually I found the “default” behavior to be a bit inconsistent and weird, but I don’t really mind it now (I’ve switched to tiddlywiki since then).
I hope transclusions get a big overhaul in the next obsidian versions, in the current state, it doesn’t really fit my workflow.

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Yep I normally see it and its so annoying because its about as big as my header font, but now I feel like I can use transclusions.

BTW, I copied the transclusion code to one of my custom themes and found the file title but in very small font, which was also very useful, because its not so big that it was in the way. Thanks.

glad you like the tweaks to the transclusions.
I also find it more useful and more pleasing to the eye this way.

Now I’m puzzled when you say:

You mean you ALWAYS see the file title ? in my case I can NOT see the file title when I transclude a section, it’s only displayed when I fully transclude a document. see example below (with the default obsidian theme).

if you have 2 minutes to spare could you test the 2 files (592 Bytes) and post a screenshot for me please ?

Oh no not always in the sense in every instance of transclusion, I mean for some notes I include the whole page, but my file title is big and annoying when I’m not trying to see all of that.

It becomes particularly problematic for atomic notes that I may have.

I could just make some compromises with the title, but in the case I end up changing them, I don’t want my note to rely on that as an identifier in transclusions.

aah, now I understand better, thanks for the screenshots !

I has the same issue as you, hence the css tweaks included in my theme to make the title to look more like a reference link rather than a heading.
It’s also possible to hide the title completely :

.markdown-embed-title { 
    display : none

but it might break the alignement of the elements depending on your custom theme.

Since obsidian will reflect the modification internally, it shouldn’t be a problem though ? I did a bunch of renaming from xx_yyyyMMddhhssMsec to actual titles and never had issues with lost links so far.

I’ve pushed a small update to the css on 2020-06-30 :

  • fixed : location of the markdown-embed-link is now consistent when using ![[file]] and ![[file#section]]
  • tweaked margins of transclusions, more compact
  • transcluded file title should be sharper

(new version on the left side, previous on the right)

in the previous version, when using ![[file#section]], the red link icon ended up being too high and there were small inconsistencies in element spacing. This should be fixed with the latest version : now the red icon is aligned with the text block.
the spacing between blocks has been reduced to enforce consistency.
The transcluded file title (the small blue link) should look sharper.

It should work well if you are using inline transclusions a lot.

You can grab it on Github.

Don’t forget to backup your custom tweaks before replacing the obsidian.css !!


Thanks for that. 1 observation:

if I am not mistaken you had included the Andy Mode in the previous version, not in this one.

@_ph Thanks for this theme and your work on it


To address this:

…do you by chance have any thoughts on this post/question about how to make css more modular?


I came over here from another thread, trying to find out how to modify my CSS to show the blue border on the embedded documents/sections.

I have a mixture of quite a few things in my CSS from different themes/snippets. I did copy all the tweaks under ==Transclusion Tweaks=== from GitHub, and played around with them (mostly to fix positions of things) but couldn’t find what selector adds the blue border on the left. Any hints?


Edit: I ended up finding the collisions, but just in case someone comes here after me the selector in question is (very obviously, duh me) .markdown-embed, specifically border-left , e.g. for me it ended up as border-left: 3px solid rgb(150,200,255);

@randulfr : sorry for the late reply. see my post in the other topic

@argentum : glad you found what you were looking for. I’ve made minor revisions in the latest version of my theme to get a better preview layout (on the margins and paddings), maybe you’ll want to apply some of the tweaks too.

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