Theme: Horizon (Inspired by VSCode's Horizon Theme)

Hello everyone,

I’d like to share the first stable version of my theme, Horizon. It is inspired by the similarly named theme for VSCode.

Currently, it only supports dark mode as I feel the existing light palette does not suit Obsidian and I haven’t come up with one that does.

Notable features:

  • Colored graph.
  • Source code factored with Sass to allow for easy editing by the end user.
  • Compatible with Obsidian Mobile and Publish. Specfically, the publish.css was built with only the neccessary components, removing css styles specifically for the app.

Things to come:

  • Plugin support, notably calendar.
  • Mobile optimizations.

Horizon is one of my all-time favorite theme so here’s hoping I’ve done it justice in Obsidian.

It’s the first release so bugs/inconsistencies are to be expected. Feel free to open an issue/pull request on the GitHub repo and I’ll be sure to take a look.


I created this account to tell you how much I love this theme. The contrast is perfect, the colors are charming and highlight bolds & italics well, and the condensed font is very efficient on my phone screen. It’s also well-optimized for phone use, which I really appreciate.
Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much for your kind words!

I’ve just came back into development for this theme.

Expect improvements and features soon.