Theme: Everforest (Dark/Light Theme)

Everforest Theme (Light/Dark) v0.1

This is an Everforest theme for Obsidian. It supports both light and dark modes.

Simply copy the everforest.css file to your vault directory and reload or add it to your CSS Snippets!

I use this theme for practically everything, so when I saw it wasnt available, I decided to take a stab at making one. Im linking the Github so if you have any ideas for improvement I encourage pull requests!


Everforest Theme (Light/Dark) v0.2


  • Fixed command palette text selection
  • Implemented color palette to closely match VSCode Everforest theme.
  • Updated both light/dark modes for Medium Material scheme.


  • Fix syntax highlighting in code blocks.
  • Create light/dark Hard Flat scheme.
  • Create light/dark Soft Contrast scheme.

I raised an issue about indentation and highlights. Please have a look here

Beautiful color scheme and font choice :v:

Is it possible to have an option to have more nuanced border lines for note panes? I find it somewhat difficult to see where one note ends and another begins.