Theme: DUNE

Finally i had time to sit down and put together a quick overview for my theme, on which i have been working for some time now.

I present you Dune, a theme that supports both desktop and mobile devices and should help you adding and making better notes, even on smaller interfaces, like phones.
User feedback allowed me in the past 3 months since its first public release to improve aspects i didn’t consider this important, until i fleshed them out - in fact, my theme should be for the public and pkm community and not just my own thing! :slight_smile:
So Dune reached a new maturity, much to my enjoyment!

Dunes does not play excessively with color effects or color combinations, but focuses more on a smooth, calm and also customizable appearance, a visual minimalism paired with powerful tools under the hood, always available at your fingertips.
Some of the main features include:


  • Obsidian’s core plugin Slide got a more minimal look
  • display more on your slides with smaller fonts for your slides
  • since Dune’s slideshows uses more space on-screen than Obsidian’s default slide, use the bottom or top margins to navigate / swipe slides (mobile)
  • “export as pdf” converts dark-themed notes, including my features to a printer-friendly output


  • Movie tables (add or omit columns for cataloging your movies)
  • Recipes tables (a functional yet pleasing layout for recipes - compose your own with Dune’s available features)
  • Contact tables


  • add true banners and adjust their position vertically, if necessary
  • book pictures: place pictures on the Right/Left of your page and add a frame plus description without to interrupt the text flow
  • change size of embedded videos
  • better readability of svg diagrams (mermaid) for both dark and light theme
  • adjust zoom factor of svg diagrams (mermaid)


  • simple yet powerful multicolor highlights, bold and italic text
  • simple color variations to manipulate callouts, tables, fenced notes (differentiate notes)
  • smart list markers (use checkbox lists instead of hyphen lists - in Dune they look the same but Dune makes lists actionable!)
  • add a true profile picture / avatar to your vault
  • add pretty or simple page/chapter delimiters (to add some design and relax your page layout)
  • bigger popover previews
  • text typsetting - text alignment R (right), A (axial), B (block)
  • you can hide or obscure almost every button and icon of Obsidian’s User Interface to focus better on your work

Note. To change Dune’s preferences, you will need to install mgMeyer’s Style Setting plugin as well.

If you are curious now, feel free to read first ReadMe on Github or install my theme right away from Obsidian’s theme list
For any questions, go ahead and ask me!