Theme: Dekurai ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Dekurai” is a theme where I tried to combine clean nice colors, minimalism and functionality. Technically this is Dark Moss v2.0. The theme is available in community themes in obsidian or you can download it from GitHub.


In addition to the fact that this theme is great, I would like to highlight certain points that made my user experience better. I would note the increased width for editing and viewing, but I think the screenshots show it.

Editing and Reading mode remain consistent.

I still use the good old mode switching. And I don’t like it if they are very different. Therefore, I tried to make them consistent so that there would be no confusion when switching.

Editing mode


Reading mode


Highlights by colored background

The current version of obsidian highlights found text with a frame. I think that the usual highlight with a colored background is better. This is not possible in preview mode, so I made an underscore.

Editing mode


Reading mode


Code display with line counter


Multiple selection of files

Now, with multiple selection of files, you will see which one is currently in focus.


I love the theme and I want to use it on Mobile, but the text seems much too squished in the center when I do use it on my phone.

I would love an update that addresses this. Currently, I’m disabling the syncing of the themes to my phone with a .stignore file

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I made a PR to make it look good on mobile, and looks the same on desktop.

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Thanks, I sort of fixed it in a slightly different way. Got better?

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Nope, it still looks like it’s 1.0.0 in the theme settings

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I removed the width constraint and reduced the padding on any devices less than 980px wide. In the phone view mode from the browser it looks like this, but on a real phone I can not check

I checked today and saw Dekurai has a new version in the marketplace, it looks great on phone now thank you!