Theme: Bubble Space

Hi! This post is long overdue but I’d like to share my theme “Bubble Space”. It started as a snippet collection for my writing vault and was fully developed into a theme during Obsidian October and even placed 3rd runner up! Also made it to the Gems of the Year 2021 so thank you to all who voted :hugs:

This theme is inspired by Bubbles for Light Mode and Outer Space for Dark Mode hence the name “Bubble Space”! It aims to be a fun and animated theme with its own “sub-themes” aka color presets.

Bubble Space is available for download in the Community Theme Store :shopping_cart:
You can also visit Bubble Space in Github

Bubble (Light Mode)

image as of v1.5

Space (Dark Mode)

image as of v1.5

:sparkles: SOME FEATURES

Demos, Details and Instructions can be found in the wiki

  • Colors as First class citizen

    • From folder colors to backgrounds and markdown syntax, Bubble Space uses colors for easy differentiation (and readability for quick scanning)
  • Multiple Color Presets [See screenshots below]

    • Each preset follows its own theme/concept which is reflected by the names. I do aim to support the whole ROYGBV someday
    • Bubble Presets are more color-based while Space presets are more concept-based
    • See how to install them here
  • Small fun animations

    • Space Background Animation
      • altered snow animation of Christmas theme to look like stars
    • Hover Disco button
      • button changes colors on hover (i love this way too much :laughing:)
    • File Explorer Header Images (mostly gif)
    • Animated Loading Pages (mostly gif)
  • Snippets

    • Hover Aside Comment
      • from ITS Theme
    • Custom Checkboxes
      • referenced ITS Theme
    • Multiple Colors Hover Highlight
      • from Steveyang’s 8+8 highlight
    • Pseudo Kanban
      • from Manedblackwolf
    • Space Background Animation
      • altered version of the snow animation in Christmas Theme
    • Hover Frontmatter
    • Image Flags/Adjustments
      • from Lithou’s Pub-Image Flags

:world_map: PLANNED

  • Style Settings Support [in the works :hammer_and_wrench:]
    • if you have specific requests on things to customize feel free to comment them in this issue I opened
  • PDF Export
  • Publish.css
  • Slides
  • More Color Presets (because why not? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

:bubbles: Bubble Color Presets

| Cotton Candy Pink | Boba Milk Tea | Mint Green | Red Velvet |

Cotton Candy Pink

image as of v1.5

Boba Milk Tea

Mint Green

image as of v1.5

Red Velvet

image as of v1.5

Space Color Presets

| Blue Christmas | Blood Moon | Eclipse | Neoniverse |

Blue Christmas

image as of v1.5

Blood Moon

image as of v1.5


image as of v1.5


image as of v1.5


For questions feel free to ping me here or in #appearance-dev in the OMG Discord server @Emrie (D€V)

For bugs and requests, filing an issue in the theme repo is best

You can also support Bubble Space buy buying me a coffee (or ice cream :yum:)



Seriously in love with this theme! It’s so fun and really makes opening my notes a joy. All the attention to detail is amazing, and the new custom icons are so awesome. Also loving the Style Settings integration so far! Thanks so much for your work :purple_heart:

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Thanks for the warm words! Glad you’re enjoying it :purple_heart:

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The cutest and most adorable theme ever! Thank you so much. It makes studying less hard and not dry. I am in love with all the colors. It is the answer to my prayer :smiley:

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:rocket: Bubble Space v1.6 has been released!

This is a quick fix update on the most urgent bugs:

  • #14 Invisible Links in Headers
  • #16 Invisible Headers in Embeds
  • Invisible text on tag hover (Boba Milk Tea color preset)

:rocket: Read full release note here: Quick Fix Update (Bubble Sapce v1.6)

Feel free to ping me in the Obsidian Members Group Discord #appearance channel for other things in need of urgent fix. Dm’s to @D€V#8385 are open if you’re shy :purple_heart:

Bubble Space v2.0 will come late June/Early July :calendar: