The timestamp of a note name makes the "unlinked mentions" function not work, how can I fix it?

The function “unlinked mentions” is that if you enter “NoteB” in a note named "NoteA ", then you can see “NoteA” in the “mention current file name” area of the note page named “NoteB”, as if It’s saying: Hey, you are mentioned in “NoteA”. As shown in the picture.

Because I would add a timestamp as a unique ID to each note name using the relatively traditional Zettlekastan note-taking method, this makes the “unlinked mentions” feature almost impossible to use in practice, e.g.

If I have a note named “NoteA-202204281020” and I input “NoteB” in it. Then I can’t see “NoteA-202204281020” in the “unlinked mentions” area of the note named “NoteB-202204281020”. As shown in the figure

Does anyone have similar problem, how did you solve it?

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