The software needs to be optimized for performance, because it is too laggy

When I add a lot of GIF image types to my notes, the software will become very sluggish, running slowly and even making it difficult for me to edit and operate. I hope to optimize the performance of the software to better support GIF images

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Obsidian is based on Electron & Chromium, so it’s basically a Chrome Browser inside a frame, it’s not a native C++ software so I doubt it will be high-performant anytime soon unless the developers rewrite the whole app, which I highly doubt as well.

How many GIFs does it take to slow Obsidisn down?

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Actually, I used about seven GIF images,However, the resolution of each GIF is relatively high

To be honest, this is a great software. But currently, this issue is bothering me, making my software experience poor

Though I haven’t needed to use it and therefore haven’t tried it, the Imgur plugin might be worth trying. It lets you keep images on rather than in your vault. My hunch is that it will solve the performance issue you experience.

Tip: Though I provided a link to the GitHub repository, you can easily install it directly inside Obsidian from Settings > Community Plugins.

For now, maybe consider converting the GIFs to a video format so they don’t all constantly run while the note is open.

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You could also try putting the GIFs in folded callouts to see if that helps any. Then expand when you’d like to see them. e.g.

> [!success]- /ɡɪf/ or /dʒɪf/ 🤔
> ![[success.gif]]

These are YouTube clips, but there’s an example here:


I’ve had similar problems before, but at that time my computer was incompatible with hardware acceleration. I’m curious what your situation would be due to: GPU, IO, or CPU?