The plugin zotero intergration is not importing images properly

What I’m trying to do

More accurately is a PDF with rectangular annotations after the first time all the images can be imported normally, but you then increase the rectangular annotations, For the second import, the picture will be prompted to find, but I restarted Obsidian, all the images can be displayed normally!

The final effect I’m trying to achieve is that every time I import an image from zotero it displays immediately and properly, without restarting Obsidian.

One small detail is that it says the images cannot be found, indeed they are not in the folder in Obsidian where they are stored, restarting Obsidian the images appear.

Things I have tried

I repeated the above in a new vault and the problem still occurs, I reinstalled Zotero, and Obsidian and the problem occurs, I don’t have any other ideas at this time.

When operating in a new repository, I check Obsidian’s console and no errors are reported, I consulted ChatGPT and it says that it could be a cache-related reason, please also help me!

This sounds like an Obsidian issue, rather than a Zotero issue, because Zotero Integration shouldn’t be importing anything (the missing images) just because you restart Obsidian. It might indeed be a cache issue of some kind, or an embed issue. Did you check the attachment folder through Obsidian, or through your system’s file explorer? I assume that the file is actually there after the first import.

Btw, for good measure, make sure Zotero Integration is up to date.

I checked the attachment in Obsidian and my zotero intergration is up to date!
Do you have a good solution for me?

Two suggestions:

  1. Check if the file is present in the vault using your system’s file explorer / Finder (not within Obsidian), before restarting Obsidian. It could be that the file is being created, but Obsidian’s cache doesn’t register it before you reopen the note / restart Obsidian.
  2. Check the console ( macOS → cmd+option+i, Windows → ctrl+shift+i) for any errors that might occur when you update the literature note.

You’re fantastic, indeed the image exists in Explorer. I had this problem before when operating in a new vault and there was no error message reported in the console. Do you have any good solution for this please?

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