The plug-in cannot be opened after installation

After I downloaded Dataview from GitHub and put it in the plugins folder, I couldn’t open it when I clicked the switch, and told me: Failed to load plugin dataview

Any particular reason why you don’t use Settings > Community plugins > Browse, and then search for Dataview to install the pluing?

Why do you need to manually install it into the plugins folder? And are you sure you did that manual process correctly? (I.e. what did you do to manually install it?)

Finally, do you get any error messages in the Developers Tools window on the console?

Because when I click Community plugins, it reminds me that I cannot load the community plugins. Yes, I got an error messages in the Developers Tools window. It reminds me that it cannot find main.js.

You can’t load community plugins due to that DNS stuff in your country? If so, sorry to hear that.

If there is an error related to finding the main.js, that’s where you need to focus. Is it at the right place? Do you have the correct access to it?

Yes. I move main.js from a folder under the dataview folder to the dataview folder, and it will be fine. But what about plug-ins without main.js? The console still reports an error.

OK. After I change DNS, I can also load the community plug-in. thank you.

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