The Obsidian symbol as emoji

Things I have tried

Searched google and other engines, searched the obsidian forum.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to use the Obsidian symbol as an emoji. It is perfectly possible to use the symbol as a png image, but then the size has to be resized all the time. Also, I would like to use this as an emoji tag. Using an image will not work.
In this example the above tag is the result I want. The other is the result I get pasting a png into the tag. It does not show up in the tag pane.

Thanks for helping and suggestions.

I don’t know about an obsidian emoji - but just a quick idea: have you tried attaching your png image to your #Obsidian tag via the Supercharged Links plugin? I can imagine you might get better results!

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Emoji are part of the Unicode standard, so you’ll need to petition the Unicode Consortium.

Or find an existing emoji that’s close enough — maybe :crystal_ball:, :gem:, :moyai:, or :rock:.

If you only need it to work on devices where you can install fonts, you could make a copy of the font you use and customize the copy to replace an appropriate emoji with the Obsidian icon.


@alltagsverstand : Quick look at this plugin. Hmm, doesn’t seem so simple to me. :flushed:
Since I am not an IT developer, it will require some study. That will take some time. :hourglass_flowing_sand: Thanks anyway for suggesting this plugin.

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