The Obsidian Dictionary Plugin

Hello there!

I am phibr0, creator of the Obsidian Dictionary Plugin.

This Plugin has 3 main Features:

  • Full Dictionary Lookup
    • including Pronunciation, Definitions, Examples and Synonyms for multiple Forms
  • In Editor Synonym Look Up by simply highlighting a word (Thanks to mgmeyers)
  • Setting up a local Dictionary to link with other Notes

Supported Languages:

Language Synonym Popover Sidebar Lookup UI Translated?
English (US) 🗸 🗸 🗸
English (UK) 🗸
Hindi 🗸
Spanish 🗸 🗸
French 🗸 🗸
Japanese 🗸
Russian 🗸
German 🗸 🗸 🗸
Italian 🗸 🗸
Korean 🗸
Brazilian Portuguese 🗸
Arabic 🗸
Turkish 🗸
Chinese 🗸

For Developers:

  • The Plugin can be easily extended with new API’s for Definitions and Synonyms (more Info: look at the Readme on Github)
  • Translations can be easily added

This plugin is really well done and deserves much more attention! I only stumbled upon it because @EleanorKonik mentioned it in one of her roundups.

What I especially like is

  • easy way to switch languages (I work mostly in English and German)
  • great support for different dictionary providers
  • synonyms upon highlighting
  • lookup in the context menu for highlighted text
  • no problems when working offline (it will simply not work, but break nothing)

The plugin is amazing. Thanks for having created it.
When I try to add a new note of a phrasal verb (for example " get on"), it wouldn’t work whereas it works perfectly for one-words words. Is there a workaround for that?


Good catch! Can repro here (Linux, Obs 0.12.12, Dictionary 2.13.2).

This is great. I noticed there is an Origin section in the Look Up pane but that doesn’t seem to be a variable that you can include in new notes created by the plugin. Is that true or am I overlooking something? Thanks.

This is very cool - thanks for creating it! Would it be possible to add the ability to use a local copy of the 1913 Webster’s Dictionary (available here )? I was inspired by this article (You’re probably using the wrong dictionary) to check that dictionary for nuanced use of language. I would LOVE to be able to do the sidebar lookup against that dictionary through your plugin.

Again - thanks for creating this - it’s very cool

Is this plugin able to lookup definitions from Local Dictionary Builder?
I’ve added a couple of notes with discipline-specific definitions into the Local Dictionary Folder, yet the plugin produces nothing on them through lookup

Thank you very much for this great plugin!!! :slight_smile:

I have some remarks to possibly enhance the user-experience. I want to explain it in the following example:

I want to look up the word “arcane”. So I double-click it, then I right-click it, to see the context menu:

Then I click on “Look up” in the context-menu:

Then I see on the right side the dictionary-pane und click on the triangle before “ADJ-GRADED”, to unfold and see the definition:

=> so I have to make 4 clicks and moving the mouse around, to get the result, what is somehow not enough user-friendly for me, yet.

My proposal:

  • would it be possible unfold the Meanings immediately and not just after clicking to unfold it?
  • would it be possible to create a keyboard-shortcut, which opens the dictionary-pane?

Sorry to bother you but after several tries I still don’t understand how to create my own dictionary through the plugin. If anyone can help me with screenshots if possible.


I too am interested. Please expand this topic @phibr0