The Obsidian Dictionary Plugin

Hello there!

I am phibr0, creator of the Obsidian Dictionary Plugin.

This Plugin has 3 main Features:

  • Full Dictionary Lookup
    • including Pronunciation, Definitions, Examples and Synonyms for multiple Forms
  • In Editor Synonym Look Up by simply highlighting a word (Thanks to mgmeyers)
  • Setting up a local Dictionary to link with other Notes

Supported Languages:

Language Synonym Popover Sidebar Lookup UI Translated?
English (US) 🗸 🗸 🗸
English (UK) 🗸
Hindi 🗸
Spanish 🗸 🗸
French 🗸 🗸
Japanese 🗸
Russian 🗸
German 🗸 🗸 🗸
Italian 🗸 🗸
Korean 🗸
Brazilian Portuguese 🗸
Arabic 🗸
Turkish 🗸
Chinese 🗸

For Developers:

  • The Plugin can be easily extended with new API’s for Definitions and Synonyms (more Info: look at the Readme on Github)
  • Translations can be easily added

This plugin is really well done and deserves much more attention! I only stumbled upon it because @EleanorKonik mentioned it in one of her roundups.

What I especially like is

  • easy way to switch languages (I work mostly in English and German)
  • great support for different dictionary providers
  • synonyms upon highlighting
  • lookup in the context menu for highlighted text
  • no problems when working offline (it will simply not work, but break nothing)