The "n" key does not work when I use "shift" to capitalize

Hello the “n” key does not work when I use “shift” to capitalize for 2-3 weeks. How to solve this problem?

Is the “n” key and shift fine in other programs?

I’d follow the debugging steps to try to get to the bottom of it:

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+1 for going through the debug steps. But also, what keyboard layout or language region is your keyboard set to?

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Maybe you’ve just accidentally bound a hotkey to Shift+N or a Plugin did. Take a look in Settings -> Hotkeys Forget what I said. Obsidian will not let you bind a hotkey like that.

I don’t believe it’s possible to bind shift+[key]. But it is definitely worth double checking. (Edit: missed your edit, haha)

Yeah, I already checked. My mistake.

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