The monthly mobile sync seems expensive to me


[ X ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile

I’m liking Obsidian and starting to get used to it but think the Mobile portion of it is really key.

I’m not allowed to use iCloud because of work and also Windows. I’ve been trying other plugins and sync alternatives, they are not very elegant. Google drive or , Wifi or Dropbox would be my preference.

Am I the only one who thinks $8/month seems expensive when compared to other solutions?


Did you try this free alternative?

Related to the pricing of Sync, since there isn’t any solution which is easier to setup and more intuitive to use, i think that Sync will maintain its unique advantage here.

Hence the devs don’t have the urge to reconsider the pricing plan, even if some users debate whether it is affordable or not

Fair enough. I’m not seeing the high cost as an advantage … Evernote is $9.99/m before discounts, it comes with significant storage scanning a full desktop and web experience.

$8 for Obsidian mobile is too salty particularly when you think a lot of the cool features come from community plugins.

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I use google drive and rclone to synchronize android and ubuntu. (rclone is free, google drive is free up to 15gb.)

Thanks, I was looking for an iOS option.

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