The latest version of the left file style highlights abnormally

After updating the latest version of OB, move the mouse over the file and highlight the background. There will be a portion of blank space on the left, covering the guideline. F12 shows that the tree item self is licensable nav file title is active element has been added with margin-left: -51px! Important; Padding left: 59px! Important; Does anyone have this situation where I want to modify the style using CSS?

What I’m trying to do

On macOS Ventura Obsidian v1.3.5, when the mouse is moved over the file, the background will highlight and there will be a portion of blank space on the left, covering the guideline. F12 console discovers a style that enforces priority

Things I have tried

Manual style modification is ineffective because ‘important’ was added to the style.

Accidentally posted the same thread again, sorry.

The values for margin left and padding left are different for each row, and the images are for reference only

Are you using the Obsidianite theme?

Give it a try with the default theme.

On my Windows computer, using the latest version of Obsidian to open an empty vault is also the same, without installing any third-party plugins or themes.

Ah yes, I see.

It’s the same in the Sandbox. Different values depending on how deep the folder/file is. Maybe this:

We’ve redesigned all the tree components (e.g. File Explorer, Outline view) to make the visual hierarchy more clear. This will likely impact any custom themes that you’re using.

Thanks for reply ~ so is this a feature or a bug in the style ? :joy: I hope this issue can be optimized in future versions, as the current effect is not ideal.

I saw that version 1.3.7 has fixes related to styles, which may be related to this issue.

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