The index engine of Obsidian1.5.12 caused the crash

At the beginning, I found this problem because I wanted to use the plugin, but every time this plugin created index, the memory usage dropped from 10g to about 300m, and then Obsidian became a complete card owner and could not be used any more.
After a day of testing, I began to suspect cpu problems, after all I was using 13900kf, and I had a blue screen two or three times while creating the index.
Later, I reduced the cpu frequency directly to 5.0g, and found in the forum that there are also people with similar problems.
After testing,1.3.7 and 1.4.5 were fine, and 1.4.14 and previous versions had this problem.
I was completely uninstall and reinstall the 1.5.12, 1.5.8, 1.4.16, 1.4.14, and put in the warehouse, don’t start third-party plug-in, have this problem.
I think it is because the warehouse is very large. My current warehouse has 183674 files, with a total size of 367.68g.
I have also tried using a small number of files as a repository and found that this is not an issue.
So I hope Obsidian can fix it.
Here is my configuration for possible reference
windows 11 professional 64bit
version 22631.3672(23H2)
CPU : Intel Core i9-13900KF Core Number 24 (8P+16E)Threads 32 (16P+16E)technology Intel 7
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 ZotacShaders 10496 GPU Memory 24G (GDDR6X Micron)
Board : PRIME Z790-P D4 ASUSTeK Chipset Intel Z790
HardDisk : INTELSSDPED1D480GACapacity447GB TypesSSD
HardDisk : SAMSUNGMZ4LB15THMLA-00003Capacity13.97TBTypesSSD
Monitor : ASUS ROG XG27UQ Resolution ratio 3840*2160 Refresh Rate144HzSize 27.2inch
Memory : Total Size 128 GB Channels 2 Current Frequency 3600 MHz Timing 18-22-22-422T Corsair DDR4-3597 (1798 MHz) 32GB *4

I am not sure I completely understand you.
However, 180K is a number of notes beyond what we currently test. If you have blue screen, that’s a stability issue of your system and we can’t do anything about it.

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