The graph view makes Obsidian freeze

Steps to reproduce

When I open the graph view, the application freezes. After a few seconds, I can painfully move the mouse to close the graph view tab, and things go back to normal.

Expected result

A couple of weeks ago every was fine, and the graph view was smooth and responsive.


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.4.

Additional information

The bug appeared around 0.9.2 I think. I had time to play with the improved graph view without any problem at 0.9.0.

I have a pretty large vault but nothing huge, ~2000 notes totalling ~300Mb.

2000 notes is not a large vault at all. How can 2000 notes occupy 300MB?

Data point from a random (macOS) user: I have a vault with ~1300 notes that totals a little shy of ~250MB. I have a _resources folder at the root level full of pasted images which contains ~480 images (comprising ~240MB of that total). I don’t have the graph view lag issues described but my vault isn’t too far off that description.

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oh okay, it’s the attachments.

@Reimbar how many files in total do you have, including attachments?

What are you computer specs?

I now have 884 files including attachments, with only 761 notes – I deleted some useless files. The lag is still present.

This is tiny compared to my laptop’s specs:

  • 31Gb RAM
  • Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz Ă— 8
  • Mesa Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics (ICL GT2)
  • 256Gb SSD

Does the developer console report any error? (cmd-ald-i)?

Can you please take a performance snapshot using the developer tools (performance tab) and send us the resulting file as a zip?

Click the circle button to start recording, open the graph, wait until it responds again, then click the circle to stop. Then use the arrow down button to save the snapshot and zip the file to make it smaller.

(put it on a cloud storage or send it on our discord)

Which version of the “installer app” are you using? Try to update to the latest one.

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I was using the Snap version, installer 0.7.2. I reinstalled with the last AppImage version and it works perfectly, thanks!

The console did not report any errors. I recorded a performance snapshot but I don’t know if it is relevant anymore. Are you still interested in the recording?

no thanks

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