The future is local and centralized

I just stumbled upon this excellent article that explores the value and necessity of local-first software.

Local-first doesn’t mean we need to give up the functionality offered by centralized services. We can have the best of both worlds. Localized private data, centralized public services.

I appreciate that Obsidian shares this ethos, and I’m excited to see what Publish and Sync bring to the table.


It’s also worth mentioning that the studio that wrote the above article also just launched a new iPad app that feels like a visual, hands-on counterpart to Obsidian/Roam/etc.

Muse is infinitely nested canvases of cards, pdfs, images, text and other types of media.

I just bought it for my wife’s 12" iPad Pro and it feels sooooo smooth and zippy.

The navigation is genius. So simple and intuitive.

Oh neat, I thought Muse was just a thought experiment! Here’s where they originally wrote it up:

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