The function of "picture relationship arrangement" is urgently needed: the whiteboard can be 360° indisplayed 360° like a relationship map / the relationship map can put pictures

Use case or problem

At present, it is found that the graph view has an urgently needed function, and this is not available in all competing products, at least in the Xmind series, various online map series, notebook series, Evernote series, and Eagle/Billfish series that I have contacted so far.“— Image relationship sorting” function.
One image can correspond to multiple keywords or tags, and a tag can also correspond to multiple images, so a function is needed to clearly display the pictures, tags and descriptions, even if it is a hover previewing, we don’t have to click through each immage to see the relationship

Ideal situation

Current Obsidian version and installation environment


Proposed solution

  1. the canvas can be 360° in displayed like the graph view
  2. the graph view can put pictures/tags/descriptions in

Current workaround

Using our Obsidian~,and have to abide lins acrossed in canvas cuz it cannot be displayed like in the graph view,but it can arrange arrows personally

Related feature requests

  1. Now I need to process and organize a large amount of images, besides there are a few gifs
  2. In the future, there may be videos
  3. I am looking foward to your reply,sincerely!

Happy everyday~