The File Explorer Tabs Walk Away the More I Open Them

First time I open the side menus, they scoot just a bit to the right. Not noticeable at first.

Until…they start leaping to the right.

Why are you running?

They can get uneven and completely unorganized real quick. I’m able to temporarily reset it by adjusting the width that the File tab takes up on-screen, but that only lasts until I open folders again.

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Cute post, but not a bug report as you didn’t follow the template.

Obsidianite theme?

No one actually offered any help. Formatting is more important than fixing issues, apparently.

I meant cute in a fun way. I laughed at “Why are you running?”. Sorry you took it the wrong way. I mentioned the Obsidianite theme, no?

The issue is not with Obsidian; it’s most likely with the community theme you are using. If you followed the debug steps, you would have discovered that yourself.

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You didn’t see the instructions when you opened the bug report?

Obsidian has a lot of users. The bug report template prevents a lot of time-wasting back-and-forth so the team can focus on actual, reproducible bugs, which helps everyone.

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