The entire KJV Bible with backlinks ( 1000+ files )


Thanks for checking out this KJV Bible. I’ve been reading the Bible on either or I’d take notes from various sermons on this app and then copy-paste Bible verses. I realized having one space where I can take down notes as well as be able to read the Bible and reference it, would be super useful in my research and hence I created this.

The New Testament connects to the Old Testament in so many ways and I wanted to explore those links between the two. After watching Mike Wingers playlist; “Jesus in the Old Testament”, I was in awe of the mysteries and all the depths of the Bible and I didn’t just want to read it but explore its many layers.

About this KJV Bible

A lot of websites have individual verses for KJV Bible and personally I found it hard to grasp because it wasn’t written down in contextual paragraphs with headings. I’ve copied over individual verses from KJV Bible and divided them into paragraphs according to the (New King James Version). This will help in reading the KJV Bible more in context than individual verses.

Download Link

The file is uploaded on Google Drive and the download link is below. Import the folder “Obsidian KJV Bible” into your vault and click on the prompt “Trust author and enable plugins”. The plugins used are Advanced Tables, Outliner and Style Settings. I’d recommend starting out with the “Start Page” in the vault and hopefully that should get you going.

Link: Download Obsidian KJV Bible


I’d love to hear from you if this Bible has helped you at all in your journey. Please do let me know if you have any feedbacks on here or on [email protected]


Wow! This is amazing! I don’t really understand KJV language, but this is a powerful study tool. (No offense to your hard work, but do you think it would be possible for me to modify this if I were to just copy-paste from a different version, or would that break something)? And out of curiosity, and why KVJ, how do you study it/understand it?


Hey thank you so much! Yeah absolutely you can copy-paste from different versions. The easiest one would be the New King James Version from because all of the headings and paragraphs will align with this.

I chose KJV because its in public domain so I didn’t have to worry about copyright when uploading this. I initially was going to do it for NKJV but realised that because of the copyright issues, I can’t upload it unless I have permission from them hence this version.

So there are a couple of resources available online on how to read and understand the KJV version but I’m with you though, it’s not that easy. Maybe if you read it in parallel or just change the ones you find a bit hard to read to the NKJV version might make it easier.

Hope that helps :blush:


Hey I love studying with KJV download but here is a link to where you can go and download other versions plus other study material if you like:

Download Bible Data Sets |

as well as viewing Prophecies that Jesus fulfilled in the as recorded in the New Testament: Viz.Bible | Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ

and someone already made another Bible Study Kit using the World English Translation:

Bible Study in Obsidian Kit (including the Bible in Markdown) - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum

and here is the video for that: Bible Study: How Joschua uses the LYT frameworks (Obsidian) - YouTube

Hope this helps!

This is a wonderful resource thank you!!!

I have a link to a study tool you might like that shows the prophecies in the Old Testament Fulfilled by Jesus:

Viz.Bible | Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ

I did not know that Mike had a series of Jesus in the Old Testament. I had started that of my own so that is neat to know.

How did you do this if you dont mind me asking?

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Oh Wow! That study tool is awesome!! It’s deifnitely going to help me study scripture in a more inter-linked way. Thanks so much for that!

Yeah his “Jesus in the Old Testament is pretty awesome”. I started from “evidence for the Bible” which was pretty great too!

Haha it was a lot of copy pasting and editing. Took individual verses, combined them according to the NKJV version and then added headings and finally linked it all together. I couldn’t find a KJV version in contextual paragraphs and headings, so I made this as a base study kit.

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Hi everyone,

So amazing community here! You are wow!
I’m new to Obsidian, and i’m zero on technical stuff.
I would need a Romanian Bible version (" Cornilescu Revision of the 1924-1928 but I have NO idea how to download / convert it whatever and use it in my Obisidian.
I want to use it the same way Josuha is doing it.

If anyone can help me, that would be sooo much appreciated. As a last resort, i’m also open to pay for the effort. So much i need it.

thank you a ton in advance!

Hey I do not know how to do the coding side of it like Josh but if you want a download of the bible in your language then here are some links to be able to do that and you can put them in Obsidian and link to the pages (chapters)


If you need to convert the plain text into markdown for obsidian to be able to read the download here is an online converter but I also think there are some obsidian plugins that do the same: TXT to MD | CloudConvert

thank you, Ktubbs. Will give it a try. Appreciated.

Hi Ktubbs,
Again, than you for trying to help.

unfortunately, all the RO Bibles that I could find for download are organized as one single file. Therefore, can’t really work with the resulted .md file efficiently. Besides that, having Obsidian parsing and creating links in that single file is very slow.
So, I’m still looking for a solution closer to what Josh did (books in separate folders and chapters in separate notes).

Oh man…I can stay on there look out

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