The content of my notes disappeared after the recent update

Hello, I have Obsidian on Windows 10.
I received a notification that requested that I update Obsidian, so I did.
After that, I found that my notes had become empty, everything was gone.
The vault is stored on my Google Drive, and the sync works. I have checked the notes on the drive, and they are fine, and they still have the content, but it doesn’t show up in Obsidian.
Could you please show me how to fix this issue?

I don’t know the exact term in the Google Drive settings, but you need to make sure you keep your vault local/keep a local copy/mirror with the cloud/something like that.

If your vault folder is still in Google Drive, you would open Obsidian’s vault picker and choose Open folder as vault… to get it back in Obsidian’s vault list.

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As ariehen said, it may be that Google Drive is set to save only recently opened files to local. (It is called File Streaming).

Check this Google support page.


Thank you very much!
I made a local copy of the vault from google drive, synch it with the google drive app, and created a new vault in Obsidian from that local copy, and it works.

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