The ability to import font files in the Obsidian app to use on both deskop and mobile

Use case or problem

Its much more difficult to use custom fonts on mobile. Not all fonts are available on Google Fonts, and even if they are, using @import to add them wouldn’t work if the device is offline when the Obsidian mobile app starts.

Proposed solution

Obsidian should have a setting page where users can import font files using the OS’ file picker. Ideally it supports OTF and TFF, and it should support WOFF since Chrome supports that too.

Once a font is picked, users can select it in the Appearance menu, and be able to use it in CSS.

Current workaround (optional)

Its possible to install them on iOS with 3rd party App Store apps, but it varies a lot on Android devices, with different ways of doing so, and on some devices, its not possible at all.

Themes that use custom fonts convert them to Base64 then include them in the theme.css file using a site like this:

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That is a workaround, but its a lot of work to navigate through a long base64 string in a CSS file, and that does involve knowing CSS. If Obsidian wants to be more powerful to non tech-savvy users who don’t know or care to touch CSS, then this FR should be implemented.

My friend I just registered to thank you! This totally worked! Greetings from Greece!

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Seems like you’ve got it, but the developer documentation is here. It was updated recently and I missed this was in there.