Thanks for a really great tool - suggestion where to look for further inspiration

Dear developers!

Thanks a lot for a really, really great tool. I foresee it blooming into a really magnificent one!

Connectedtext has been mentioned several times in other threads I saw - I just wanted to stress out again, that connectedtext might be a great place to get some inspiration for future features: I used CT for several years, but development ended at some point - I miss it dearly.

Obsidian is the first tool that reminds me of CT and in fact, Obsidian is already doing some things way better than CT.

However, CT offered stuff that went in the direction of semantic wiki and I think you could do almost all the stuff with it you can do with notion - allthough not as “intuitive”. You could for example define relations between items and predicates/properties of notes and you had very powerful search syntax, which you could integrate into your wiki-pages within CT.

So, for example it was possible to have a note for an event, classify it as that, insert a template, enter - at any place of the note - the number of participants, tag it with topics etc. In another note you could have a table - automatically updatet - showing you all events with more particpants than X, on the topic of Y etc. with one line of search-syntax, which allowed for nice formatting and stuff. All working with markup-syntax, locally and based on a css-template…

But I get off-topic: Thanks again for great work!!