Thank You Awesome Plugin Guy ... How Do I Hide Code?

So stoked to finally have found this plugin that forces Daily Notes into Reading mode … thank you plugin guy!!!

However, I can’t seem to hide the code in the notes, even when in Reading mode (see image). Any thoughts or ideas re how to make the code not visible in Reading mode?

Thanks :wink:

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

In order to be recognized as YAML frontmatter code, your code always has to be at the very beginning of your note:

obsidianUIMode: preview

## Some heading

Some text...

Otherwise your frontmatter won’t work correctly anyway.

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Thank you for responding! Unfortunately, that did not fix it …

Could you please share the source code of your note?

Suspect you have tried this but do you have the option in “Editor” (sic) “Show Frontmatter” off?


Excellent suggestion, but yes … it’s off :wink:

Interestingly, the columns code doesn’t show, but this does.

Are there any spaces before the dashes that mark the YAML block? If so, delete them.

Is the YAML block inside a code block? (3 backticks above and below)? If so, remove the backticks (and make sure the first row of dashes is on the first line).

PROBLEM SOLVED … combining both sets of code (columns and forced reading mode) into a single block made the code disappear in reading mode :wink:

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