Textgenerator AI plugin: use linked notes as context?

What I’m trying to do

I want to use GPT to help me summarize and create marketing information about the courses I’m planning within Obsidian.

Since the information the AI shall include spreads along numerous notes, it shall use the MOC note and then follow the links to the linked sub-notes.

Things I have tried

I tried creating a template with this prompt:

Fasse den Inhalt in context zusammen, erstelle Überschriften und fasse die relevanten Aussagen mit Spiegelstrichen zusammen. Benutze Markdown-Formatierungen. 

but it doesn’t seem to read the sub-notes.

As far as I understood the documentation, textgenerator will use linked notes when called with a template:

What am I getting wrong?

Does ‘include the content of internal md links on the page’ mean that only the text of the link is included, but not the content of the linked note?
If so, is there another way to achieve that?
Perhaps with another plugin?

I just found out, that the chat in ‘smartconnections’ can do the job, when I include ‘basierend auf meinen Notizen’ in the prompt.
I will test that further and keep this thread updated how things are going.

If there is another solution or any hints, al is welcome!
I want to understand better how I can make best use of the LLM with my own data.


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