TextExpander (app not plugin) and Text Replacement on iPad causing doubling up

I have use TextExpander (app not plugin) on the Mac. I use the native Settings > Keyboard > Txt Replacement on iPad and iPhone. I’ve curated both systems for years.

Since the new editor in Obsidian, a snippet will activate both systems. for example obs will generate Obsidian Obsidian

I’m familiar with this problem, Safari used to do the same, so I had to switch to Chrome (years ago) Some txt input fields also generate the problem.

If I switch to the Legacy editor there is no problem. But I like the new editor.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Walter

For sync purposes but also because I experience this issue, I moved to an app called Copy Better. Not perfect since you have to build shortcuts or copy the snippets every time, but it does the job

This is happening because the new editor fixes an issue with the old “Source” mode, therefore enabling native macOS text replacement features.

Is there a reason you need the affected snippets in both Text Expander and in the OS text replacement features? Removing the redundant ones from Text Expander is probably the simplest solution.

Thanks for that pcuellar – I’ve checked copy better 2 out - Might try it as copy and paste enhancment. But don’t think it will fix my problem.

Thanks ryan. The reason they need to be in both places is that TextExpander does not work (well) on IOS and the IOS snippets do not work in many apps e.g. Chrome, Google Docs, BBedit Word. Not that those docs don’t repeat the words. Pages does not repeat the wors but uses the Mac/ipadOS/IOS txt replacement.

Somewhere there must be a way to manage which “auto Correct” or snippet function to use. I’ve jusrt checked Mac Settings >Keyboard > txt and there they all are the replacements
I want on IOS but not on the Mac. It is only in Obsidian I have the problem, so it would be great to know how to stop this.

Maybe Text Expander can be disabled per-app? I haven’t used it.

Yes!! It has that option and its fixed the problem. Amazing. Thank you.

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