Text wrapping around excalidraw drawing not working

What I’m trying to do

So obsidian had this super sweet feature of wrapping text around excalidraw flowcharts and diagrams in my notes so i could add drawings like this
![[someFlowChart.excalidraw|right-wrap|300]] and it would align the flowchart to the right and wrap the text around it.

But now what its doing is that it is just placing the diagram on the right side of the screen and not wrapping the text in the blank space present at the side of the flowchart

The alt / attribute right-wrap part of ![[someFlowChart.excalidraw|right-wrap|300]] is commonly used in snippets and themes to add adjustments for embedded images.

Possibly an older snippet that’s not turned on, not working, or part of a theme that you aren’t using now? I’d start my investigation there.

did some searching and found that this is an included functionality in the obsidian excalidraw plugin. I suspect there is a bug in that plugin because ive manually tried turning all of my snippets off to check if they were causing this issue. I’ve also tried checking this in the sandbox vault and i am facing the same issue over there too

Ahh! good sleuthing! :flashlight:

Maybe this? (though not many details in the post) https://github.com/zsviczian/obsidian-excalidraw-plugin/issues/1022

close!! but yeah not many details :confused: and its happening with both left-wrap and right-wrap - its basically the wrap attribute that is not working because its getting aligned alright to the left or right as specified

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