Text width in editing mode on large 4k monitor

Hi there,
I have a 4k 32" monitor. If I maximize the app and go to editing mode, the text field becomes so narrow:

Though it’s ok in reader mode:

Also, it’s not a problem if the app is not maximized.

Obsidian v0.11.5
MacOS 11.2.3, if that matters.

Hi! we don’t take bug rports when there are thirdparty plugins or custom css.


Perhaps that is related to the Obsidian theme,
have you tried with another one?

I understand that it’s unmanageable to support bugs in custom css or plugins, but given that you allowed such features I think it would be good to provide some guidance on how to debug such issues ourselves.

@lichb0rn Try to search for padding-left in your custom theme if you use one. If that doesn’t help thy the CSS editor mode (option-comman i on macOS)

Post in the help section and see if somebody can help you.

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