Text is not displayed after scrolling down and below certain line

Things I have tried

Tried to recreate the note, in case there was some problem with a specific note. but the problem remained.
Also tried renaming the note, in case it was a file-name issue. did not help.

I am using the default black theme. Obsidian version 0.15.9, Win11

What I’m trying to do

So in the editor’s view, when switching to an existing note which already has some text, and scrolling down, causes it to not load all existing text below some line. just shows empty lines, it’s clear something is there by line numbers, but it does not show actual text.
so then when you scroll up and down multiple times, or place a cursor on an empty line, hidden text appears.
maybe it’s a minor inconvenience but you can miss that you have information there if not careful.
the same thing does not happen in the reading view.

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