Text Expander Plugin

Integrated text expander has been a popular feature request in the community (1, 2, 3, etc.). I am glad to say it is no longer a feature request, as I implemented a plugin providing the requested functionality.

Currently, the plugin fully supports Linux and MacOS.


  • instant replacement on Tab hit
  • regex triggers, allowing triggers to have arbitrary format: arguments or any custom syntax
  • shell-powered, i.e. your scripts can do anything that shell supports, e.g. extract current clipboard or somehow parse your vault

Possible future features:

  • setting cursor positions after replacement
  • special syntax for render-time evaluation
  • at least partial Windows support
  • hotkeys as triggers

I thank @akaalias for his PoC version of text expander and Christian Vasquez for the Run Snippets plugin. I definitely borrowed some elements from both of the plugins.

(I met a link count restriction, so a separate post.)

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Awesome! Thank you for the shout-out, will give your plugin a spin right away :smiley:


I’ve been playing with your plugin and am banging my head on something that’s probably fairly obvious.

I’m trying to get a snippet to convert the current Obsidian note to a PDF using pandoc.

However, when I try anything that starts with {{shell:pandoc … }} all I get is an error “command not found”

The code works fine when I run it through the terminal, so I know I have pandoc installed correctly and am using the right syntax.

Am I missing something here?

Thank you!

could you paste or share you’re complete call? it should be a simple problem with spaces, quotes or paths.

Dang it! Found a brilliant, funny article by Justin Pot on creating em dashes at Zapier. On Mac, it’s pretty easy! (outside of Obsidian, anyway.) On my Windows system, it’s pretty tough! (in or out of Obsidian).

Could really use something that works on Windows!! (I use em dashes a lot. :__)