Text Expander Plugin

Integrated text expander has been a popular feature request in the community (1, 2, 3, etc.). I am glad to say it is no longer a feature request, as I implemented a plugin providing the requested functionality.

Currently, the plugin fully supports Linux and MacOS.


  • instant replacement on Tab hit
  • regex triggers, allowing triggers to have arbitrary format: arguments or any custom syntax
  • shell-powered, i.e. your scripts can do anything that shell supports, e.g. extract current clipboard or somehow parse your vault

Possible future features:

  • setting cursor positions after replacement
  • special syntax for render-time evaluation
  • at least partial Windows support
  • hotkeys as triggers

I thank @akaalias for his PoC version of text expander and Christian Vasquez for the Run Snippets plugin. I definitely borrowed some elements from both of the plugins.

(I met a link count restriction, so a separate post.)

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Awesome! Thank you for the shout-out, will give your plugin a spin right away :smiley:


I’ve been playing with your plugin and am banging my head on something that’s probably fairly obvious.

I’m trying to get a snippet to convert the current Obsidian note to a PDF using pandoc.

However, when I try anything that starts with {{shell:pandoc … }} all I get is an error “command not found”

The code works fine when I run it through the terminal, so I know I have pandoc installed correctly and am using the right syntax.

Am I missing something here?

Thank you!